The PhD project

There are currently insufficient data to accurately assess the impact of offshore wind farms (OWF) on our shelduck population as they migrate between breeding, moulting and non-breeding sites. They routinely migrate over the North, Irish and Celtic Seas, but we don’t know when, where or how they do this, which makes it impossible to accurately assess the potential impact of OWFs.

During my PhD (Jul 2021 – Feb 2026) I will collect and analyse novel empirical data for shelduck, to directly reduce the consenting uncertainties for future OWF developments within the UK. This will also benefit other consenting authorities that share borders with the North, Irish and Celtic Seas (i.e. the Dutch, German and Irish Governments).

You can see the extent of the offshore wind farm development in the UK on the 4C Offshore website.

Me: Ros Green

I’m a part-time PhD student studying at the University of Liverpool, whilst also continuing my work for the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) as a Research Ecologist in the Wetland and Marine Research Team. I am a field ornithologist by trade, with over a decade of experience surveying, monitoring, catching, ringing, tagging and studying birds.

I’m a licensed bird ringing trainer with cannon-net and special methods endorsements. I love applied research, and hope to make the most of my PhD time to advance our knowledge of shelduck migration, and Anatidae migration more broadly.

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